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UTMB Index Race Results Information

Don't see your race results in your UTMB Index runner page? Find out what to do next!

Missing Results?

If the race is included on the list of UTMB Index Races but no results are published it is because we have not yet received the results from the race organizer. The UTMB index operates as a partnership between us and your race director. When your race is finished, your race organisation will submit their results to us and we will publish them on our website and provide each race a Score towards your UTMB Index.

We only accept race results from the race organisation, so we are not able to collect the race results online and upload them to our site, even if you provide us with the link to the relevant website. We send regular reminders to the race organisation to upload the past race results however we are not able to tell you when the results will be sent to us. Results submitted to us will be published online within 24 hours except if there is an error in the submitted results that prevent us from doing so. If you require more information about the status of your results and their submission for the UTMB Index please contact your race organisation directly.

If the results are uploaded and your result has not been attached to your profile, please consult our account set up page for more information on merging your profiles.

You race is not listed on the UTMB Index Calendar?

If the race does not feature in the list of UTMB® Index races , then you will need to contact the race organizer and ask them to register as a UTMB® Index Race, this is free service and only takes a few minutes via the race orgainser space on our website. We can only accept applications from the organization and not from individual runners.

Is there an error in your race results ?

As mentioned above the UTMB Index race resulst is possible through a partnership with the UTMB Index and your local race orgainsation. The submission of results and correction of errors is updertaken by the local race organisation team. If you find errors in the time or rankings of your UTMB Index race results your should contact the reace organiser and request that they uplaod the corrected results to our website. If the error in the results has caused the creation of another runner profile you can request a merge of these account via our website.


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