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UTMB Index

Discover all the benefits of the UTMB Index

Priority Registrations

Priority Registration is a 48-hour window of time immediately before general registration opens, where exclusive groups are invited to register early. The benefits of early registration are:

  • The opportunity to be the first to secure a spot in the race

  • in some cases, access to the lowest price tiers

A limited number of race entries are available during the priority registration period, with a portion of entries reserved for general opening (for all UTMB World Series non-lottery events). This means priority registrations may sell out during the priority registration window, so it is first come first served! If the priority allocation sells out, please try again during general registration opening.

Scroll down for a detailed FAQ relating to the UTMB Index priority registrations.

Priority Registrations
Placement in Start Waves

Placement in Start Waves

We place great importance on ensuring that the race experience is unforgettable on the big day. With this in mind, some races require the implementation of a start wave system. This approach aims to give every runner the opportunity to start under conditions best suited to their level.

The start waves are thus based on the UTMB index. Runners with the best indexes will be assigned a place in the first waves, thus ensuring a smooth start that matches their performance.

Exclusive Access

There are several 100K and 100M races in the UTMB World Series which, for safety reasons, are currently only accessible to runners with a valid UTMB Index.

On top of that if a entry for a 100K or 100M race in the UTMB World Series is by lottery then only runners with a UTMB Index are able to access the pre-registration.

Exclusive Access
Elite Runners

Elite Runners

Elite runner access to the UTMB World Series Events and Majors is only possible using their UTMB Index.

Elite runners are offered either:

  • Free access to the UTMB World Series Events and Majors.
  • Bypass of the lottery to sold out races in UTMB World Series Events and Majors.

UTMB Index Priority Registration FAQs

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