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Qualification for the UTMB Finals for age group winners

UTMB World Series Major Allocation Process

During each UTMB World Series Major event, a total of 210 spots are available for the UTMB® World Series Finals. These spots are evenly distributed among three race categories: UTMB, CCC, and OCC, with 70 spots for each. This allocation includes both elite and age group runners, and it's divided equally between men and women.

Race Categories: Runners are categorized based on the race distance they participate in:

  • 50k runners will win access to the OCC
  • 100K runners will win access to the CCC
  • 100M runners will win access to the UTMB
    Runners who receive an age category priority (runners who finish outside the top 10 overall by gender) qualify only for the corresponding distance at the UTMB World Series Finals and cannot request to change to a different race distance.

Qualification and Prioritization: The top 10 male and female runners overall, as well as the first runner in each age category, will always receive a priority spot in their corresponding final. This can total between 15-20 of the 35 available spots, depending on the number of age groups represented in the race.

Additional Spots: The remaining bibs, out of the initial 35, are awarded to the next best-placed runners within their age groups. The exact allocation is determined by comparing the number of participants in each age category to the total number of runners in the race for each gender. This means some age groups may receive extra spots, while others may not receive any.

Additional Notes Runners who place in the top 10 overall will be considered part of the allocation for their respective age category. For instance, if an age category is allocated 5 bibs, and 2 of them have already been given to runners in the top 10, there will be 3 bibs remaining for the next best-placed runners in that age category. Similarly, if an age category should have 3 bibs, but 4 runners from that category are in the top 10, those 4 runners will receive a spot.
All participants are required to purchase their bibs for the UTMB World Series Finals.

Injury Policy: If an athlete gets injured after gaining access to the UTMB World Series Finals, they can defer their priority to the next finals.

  • If the injury occurs before the registration period, runners should contact the Athlete Service team to explain their situation and arrange their deferral.
  • If the injury happens after the registration period, only those already registered will be eligible for the injury deferral.