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Become a UTMB World Series Event

About the UTMB World Series Events

The UTMB® World Series brings together premium trail running events, spread across each continent and the world, which are labelled “by UTMB®”. The events are organized to the same exceptional standard and core values of the Dacia UTMB® Mont-Blanc.

UTMB Group will select candidates interested in joining the UTMB World Series based multiple criteria, such as:

  • Destination appeal: Event located in emblematic, beautiful destination, presenting extraordinary landscapes: unique routes in terms of natural beauty, history, or other specifics.

  • Consistency with the market: UTMB World Series Event will need to be geographically well distributed around the globe

  • Logistics: The country hosting the event must have an International airport nearby and sufficient numbers and quality of hotels and restaurants

  • Interest of the courses: An Event should have course(s) whose beauty and/or cultural dimension makes it of unquestionable and superior interest.

  • High capacity for participation: The Event must be able to host a minimum of 1.000 runners of which minimum 300 on the race categories 50K, 100K or 100M.

  • The 'Event beyond the race': The Event should be considered more than just a sport event; it should represents (or will represent in the near future) a major event strongly embedded in its own territory, with its own local culture and heritage.

  • Organizational standards: An Event associated to the brand UTMB should use Dacia UTMB Mont-Blanc organizational standards as a benchmark and implement very high organizational standards at 360°.

  • Sustainability: The event should have a sustainability policy in place, and should show overall respect for nature and the preservation of the environment

  • Marketing, communication & media plan: The organizer must prove their ability to promote its Event on local and a global scale.

If you are interested in becoming a UTMB World Series Event please use the link below to register your interest and one of our team members will be in contact with you.

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