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UTMB Index races

Finishing a UTMB Index race will contribute towards your UTMB Index. However, it will not provide Running Stones.

What is a UTMB Index race?

A UTMB Index race contributes towards every Finishers UTMB Index in the corresponding category (20K, 50K, 100K or 100M) and gives privileged access to the UTMB World Series Events or Majors*. The privileged access corresponds to:

  • Exclusive pre-sales period
  • Early bird prices secured
  • Access to races on a first come first served basis

*Excluding sold-out races where a draw will be organized. In the event of a draw, subscription will be exclusive to UTMB Index holders.

What is a UTMB Index race?

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    Want to become a UTMB Index race?

    The process to become a UTMB Index race is free and simple:

    • Create an account or login
    • Provide the information requested
    • Commit to respect the UTMB charter
    • Add the UTMB Index logo to your website
    • Submit your results when the race is over
    Want to become a UTMB Index race?